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Things to see outside Amsterdam when planning a trip to Holland
Learn more about Holland and the dutch way of life in other cities. The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht are other big cities in Holland which often get overlooked but are worth a visit. Find out more about interesting sights in these places and other parts of The Netherlands. Please check back now and then for more links, resources, articles and update info.

The Hague
(3rd biggest city of Holland)
The city of The Hague ( Den Haag in Dutch) is the 3rd largest city of Holland and about 1 hour away from Amsterdam. The Dutch Houses of Parliament is located here and the Noordeinde Palace ( the working palace of the queen). Close to the Dutch Houses of Parliament is a pleasant square where you can drink and eat something outside. The Hague also has several museums including the Mauritshuis with paintings of Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl Earring) and the Gemeente Museum with paintings of Mondriaan. Other things to see are the Panorama Mesdag, a gigantic 360 degree coastal wallpainting where you stand in the middle and overlook everything as if it is real. The Hague is also know for each beach called Scheveningen. It has a great pier and boulevard with restaurants, bars and shops. You can even go bungee jumping at the end of the pier. Another thing not to miss here is Madurodam, an outdoor miniature park of Holland's most famous sights. It's attracts lots of tourists.

Rotterdam (2nd biggest city of Holland)
Rotterdam is the 2nd largest city of Holland and is about 1,5 hours from Amsterdam. You will find more modern buildings here since big parts of city were destroyed during the 2nd world war. Rotterdam is one of the biggest seaports in the world and a major hub for the rest of Europe. The skyline view from the river Maas is beautiful. You can take boat tours on the Maas with Spido and view the seaport from the water. Close to the Spido dock (near the famous Erasmus bridge) lies a big park simple called The Park. It has a the biggest tower of Holland that is open to public. It's called the Euromast from where you can overlook the whole city. At the top you can even go higher with a rotating cabin giving you a spectacular view if you can stomach it. Right next to the tower there is a floating chinese restaurant and the pancake boat. The centre of the city is a big shopping area with lots of shops and places to eat. Famous museums like the Kunsthal (designed by Rem Koolhaas) and Boijmans are also worth a visit. Another famous sight close to Rotterdam is Kinderdijk. A famous area with lots of typical dutch windmills.

Utrecht (4th largest city of Holland)
Utrecht is 4th largest city of Holland and is about 0,5 hours away from Amsterdam. Utrecht looks a lot like Amsterdam with typical houses and canals. There are quite a few churches in this city with the Dom being the most famous. Good shopping area here too.

Other places of interest
Gouda (famous for cheese)
Delft (William of Orange lived here)
Keukenhof ( Flowerpark only open from march till may)
Batavia (Replica of 17th century VOC ship used during Dutch Golden Ages, also includes a replica village with outlet shops. Located in Lelystad)



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