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Amsterdam Botels & Hostels

Cheap botels and hostels in the centre of Amsterdam
There are over 350 hotels in Amsterdam including charming botels on the water canals and affordable hostels. Since many tourist attractions in Amsterdam are within walking distance of eachother it can be a big help if your place to stay is in a good location near the centre. Compare rooms, facilities, locations and prices carefully. Depending on your travel plans and the time of booking it's possible to get big discounts on the usual ratings.

Unique botels! Stay in a floating hotel/hostel on the canals
Botel Amstel 175 rooms (passenger ship)
Botel Amacitia max. 36 people (passenger ship)
Botel Vita Nova 20 cabins (passenger ship)
Botel Avanti 15 rooms (passenger ship)
Botel Zebra 11 rooms
(passenger ship)
Botel Christina rooms
(passenger ship)
Botel Maria Alberta 4 rooms (passenger ship)
Botel BW near Leidseplein 1 room (houseboat)
Botel Under the mill 1 room (houseboat)
Botel Bed & Breakfast 2 rooms (houseboat)
Botel with 3 rooms (houseboat)
Botel Zwaan 7 rooms (houseboat)

Cheap hostels in Amsterdam (popular) (colorful) (humorous) (classy boutique) (liberal) (nice) (creative) (females only) (clean) (artsy) (accepts PayPal on own site) (movie theme) (Christian influence)

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Botel Amsterdam

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