Visit Scheveningen beach in The Hague

Scheveningen beach The Hague

In the summer a lot of Dutch people visit the beach at Scheveningen. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour from Amsterdam. It attracts a lot of tourists as well, especially Germans who flock to the Dutch coast in the summer. Scheveningen is a lively beach with lots of cool clubs directly on the beach. The boulevard is wide and long with lots of restaurants and stores. There is also an aquarium you can visit called Sea Life, a casino and arcade hall for kids. Most eye catching is the pier which runs deep into the sea. It’s quite spacious and you can climb up the tower from where you have a great view of the sea and the boulevard. At the end there is a restaurant and even a place where you can do Bungee jumping. They will even take your picture ; ) Another eyecatcher is the Kurhaus Hotel directly situated on the boulevard.