Try typical dutch food in Amsterdam

When visiting another country it’s always nice to try some of the local foods. When you are in Amsterdam you may be looking for a restaurant serving dutch food but those are hard to find. Instead you will find restaurants serving food from all sorts of nationalities. Chinese restaurants are very popular for example but the funny thing is that the food they serve is rather unique for Holland. Bapi Pangang (a very popular dish) isn’t something they really serve in China. Anyway here is a list of a few restaurants which in fact do serve dutch food in Amsterdam.
Besides dutch food in restaurants you can also easily buy and try some dutch products from the closest supermarket. Some things i would suggest trying:
VLA – similar to sweet pudding
HAGELSLAG – chocolate sprinkles for on bread
DROP – black liquorish sweet or salty
ONTBIJTKOEK – similar to spiced gingerbread or honey cake
ZEEUWSE BOLUS – like cinnamon rolls… sort of ; )
Dutch hagelslag

Dutch Zeeuwse Bolus